Z884: A General Purpose Shallow Drainage System

Zurn Z884

Zurn Z884 with Cast Iron Slotted Grate

The Zurn Z884 is a 4 3/4″ wide shallow linear trench drain system that is available with cast iron or stainless steel top covers. It is a basic, non sloping system that can be used as a general residential drainage solution.

Why pick the Z884 kit?

  • 40″ Channels with 20″ grates
  • Lightweight and durable HDPE
  • Easy installation with tongue-and-groove design
  • Shallow with 2-7/8″ trench depth
  • Variety of grate materials

This system is recommended for sidewalks, parking garages, gas stations, kitchens, pools and residential applications. Grates are available in ADA compliant options, cast iron, perforated or slotted galvanized steel, perforated or slotted stainless steel, and heel-proof polyethylene.

Specification Sheet for Zurn Z884

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