Landscaping PVC Pipe Grate Options

Lawn Grates for PVC Pipe

Pipe Grates

Trench Drain Systems offers a selection of NDS landscaping pipe grates for lawns and gardens to quickly evacuate storm water. Redirect pooling water with 8” or 9” square grates that connect directly to PVC piping.


Atrium Grates

 Another option for lawn grating would be to use high profile atrium grates. These grates are perfect for flower beds, mulched areas, window wells, and other areas where debris has the potential to clog drains.



Pipe grates help turn harmful lawn runoff into a water source. Use standing water to hydrate the yard where it needs it most by connecting to a Pop-Up Emitter. Pop-Up Emitters are self-explanatory, when there is enough rainfall, the force of the water lifts the ‘lid’ allowing water to flow out until there is not enough force to open it and the lid closes once again, preventing grass clippings and leafy debris from entering the drainage pipes.


rOUND Pipe Grates

In hardscape areas, you may be looking for something less obvious when it comes to drain grates. TDS offers a variety of decorative round metal grates that easily sit on top of PVC pipes in patio areas with concrete and pavers.