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transportation drainage

How do you control storm water runoff near highways, parking lots and airports? A high volume trench drain system can quickly evacuate water away from roads and other structures. Whether light or heavy duty, you can select from different grate sizes and materials that are perfect for the heavy traffic load ratings. You can also select from options that are heel proof, bike friendly and ADA compliant for wheelchairs. Many of our solutions can be purchased in the form of a kit for easy installation or request a quote for larger projects.

Transportation Drainage

Residential Drainage

Where is the best place to put catch basins and trench drain systems to prevent flooding yards? We recommend calling our experts for guidance. However, many homeowners typically add trench drain systems near sidewalks and driveways to help redirect stormwater and other runoff. Decorative and lightweight options are available for areas near pools and spas. Adding a catch basin under downspouts will help to keep basements dry by collecting excessive rainfall. Catch basins also benefit from a basket or filter installed for easy seasonal cleaning.

Residential Drainage Kits

Commercial Drainage

What if I have a bigger job that needs drainage? Trench Drain Systems is the largest stocking distributor for ULMA and POLYCAST® in addition to our high flow capacity channels, FP1200 and the 3000 Series. You can be sure we’re able to help you with your small and large scale commercial drainage project. Depending upon the system and grating required, you can purchase through our online store or request a quote for larger jobs.

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Commercial Drainage Kits

Catch Basin kits

What’s the best way to keep your basement dry? Install a catch basin under your downspouts to easily collect storm water runoff from your roof and surrounding surfaces such as sidewalks and patios. It’s a simple drainage solution that can be easily maintained by installing a filter or catch basket that catches leaves and debris. We’ve created easy to install square catch basin kits available in 9”, 12”, 18” and 24”. If appearance is important, you can choose from a selection of decorative grates to top off your catch basin.

Catch basins kits

Pool & Patio DRAINAGE

Want a different look for shower drainage? Channel or trench drain systems provide an opportunity to open a bathroom space. They also assist the design of bathrooms that need to be ADA compliant for wheelchair traffic. These drainage systems keep the water confined to the shower area while keeping the walkway free of obstructions, giving the appearance of a very open shower space. As for durability and appearance, check out the many classic and luxury designs we have available in long lasting stainless steel..

Pool & Patio Drainage kits

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