“Cathedral” Grating for NDS Mini Channel



Trench Drain Systems expanded its decorative offering for NDS Mini Channel with a new pattern of bronze and aluminum grating. The design, borrowed from Chester Cathedral in Chester, England, is heel-proof, subdued and stylish. It adds a solemn aesthetic to the hardscape and hints of a yearning for the innocence of old.


Chester Cathedral, previously Saint Werburgh’s Benedictine Abbey, was built in the 10th century on the site of a church founded in part by the infamous Lady Godiva. The trench grating shown here was more than likely installed during a major rebuilding that occurred in the 1900s.

Bronze Age Grates

Trench Drain Systems added the “Cathedral” grate to their Bronze Age™ decorative grating product line, which now includes over twenty-five different grating patterns. Including a standard slotted grate and several perforated grate patterns. Most of the decorative grates are available in bronze and aluminum. 

Natural Bronze Cathedral Grate with NDS Sand Mini Channel MCKS-TDS570
Mini-Channel-Cathedral-Bronze-Age-Grates 3Cluster
Brushed Bronze Cathedral Grate with NDS Sand Mini Channel MCKS-TDS570-B

The bronze grates are available in a brushednatural or aluminum finish.

The aluminum grates are made from a corrosion-resistant alloy and are marine grade providing a saltwater-resistant grate option near coastal areas and saltwater pools.

Each grate lends itself well to drainage applications in elegant outdoor living spaces and swimming pool decks. With two counter-sunk holes allowing the grate to screw into the NDS Mini Channel, these grates are secure for even the most trafficked areas. The channel is manufactured from a durable lightweight polyolefin plastic and is UV-protected. It features straight walls with a hollow, honeycomb architecture. Channels join together via couplers, which ensures a smooth connection that promotes drainage while avoiding debris making it ideal for multiple applications.

This versatile system is completely customizable. With 90° and 45° angles, as well as T-sections available, you may create a drainage plan to meet many specifications.

Bronze Age Decorative Grate Logo

Trench Drain Systems has the ability to custom fabricate corners, tees as well as side and bottom outlets with all Mini Channel grating options in its Fremont, Ohio manufacturing facility.

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