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Are you looking for a little something extra around your pool, patio, or water feature?

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Mini Channel

Mini Channel is a versatile 3″ wide system that offers flexibility and class to your residential or light commercial application. 

This easy-to-install system is perfect for that new pool or patio you are planning. With a flexible design, the Mini Channel provides clean 90° and 45° corners, as well as T-sections to meet those special design ideas. It also features a variety of bottom and end outlets for specific customization.

With a variety of beautiful brushed bronze and aluminum grates to choose from, Mini Channel allows you to create your ideal space.

Patio Trench Drain Install
Outside Kitchen installation
Tardis Bronze Age

Bronze Age Decorative Grate Logo

WelcomeTo The New Bronze Age

Functional yet stunning, Bronze Age™ decorative grates offer several designs for you to choose from.

Each bronze and aluminum kit comes with grates that are available in one of two beautiful natural or brushed finishes. Make the space your own by deciding between a unique set of patterns such as; Cathedral, Tardis, Rain Drop, Pedreda, or Slotted.

These grates are versatile and blend well with either a sand channel or a gray channel.      

Each of the bronze grates is given a protective clear powder coat. Aluminum grates are marine grade providing a saltwater-resistant grate option near coastal areas and saltwater pools.

Mini Channel Brushed Cathedral


This antique pattern is reminiscent of the towering grand cathedrals throughout Europe. Inspired specifically by the historic sites in the walled city of Chester, England, this pattern makes any space royally beautiful. Choose from a brushed, natural, or aluminum finish.

TDS Aluminum Tardis Class A Grate-NDS Sand Mini Channel-1


Feeling a bit 3-dimensional? The Tardis pattern is based on the interior of the time machine /spacecraft used in the ever-popular British science fiction show “Dr. Who.” Make your space out of this world impressive by choosing a kit with a brushed, natural, or aluminum finish.

Rain Drop Grate on Sand Mini Channel

Rain Drop

The rain drop pattern will not ruin anyone’s parade. The natural bronze color enhances any space. The kit is also available in a brushed or aluminum option. With so many variations, this kit would look dazzling installed on your patio or next to your water feature.

Mini-Channel-Tardis-Bronze-Age-Grates 3Cluster
Mini-Channel-Rain-Drop-Bronze-Age-Grates 3Cluster

Slotted and Perforated

Looking for something more simplistic? The Bronze Age decorative grates also feature a stainless steel perforated and several slotted options. These additional kits have the same versatility by being interchangeable between sand and gray channels. The slotted and Pedreda have the flexibility of having multiple finish options available.

NDS Mini Channel with Stainless Steel Perforated Grate

Perforated Stainless Steel

This perforated stainless steel design offers a heel-safe and rust-resistant option that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, 316 grade is available for marine and salt-water applications. This kit is available in both sand and gray channels.

MCKS-TDS560-B-TDSdrains Sand Mini Channel with Bronze Slotted Grate


This classic pattern has been reinvented but still retains its ruggedness and functionality. The modernized slotted style is highly suited for your walkway, water feature, or patio. Create a space that appeals to any crowd. Slotted kits are available in all three finishes; brushed, natural, and aluminum.

Natural Bronze Pedreda Grate in Sand Mini


Inspired by travels through Barcelona, Spain, this precise pattern suits many architectural designs. It is available in one of three finishes; brushed, natural, or aluminum. Simplistic yet flawless in its arrangement, this Mini Channel kit offers that little something extra to any space.

Perforated Stainless Steel grate
Mini-Channel-Slotted-Bronze-Age-Grates 3Cluster
Mini-Channel-Pedreda-Bronze-Age-Grates 3Cluster

Gray and sand channels


The Mini Channel kit is a neutral system built for light traffic applications such as pools, patios, walkways, and water features.

The channel is manufactured from a durable lightweight polyolefin plastic and is UV-protected. It features straight walls with a hollow, honeycomb architecture. Channels join together via couplers, which ensures a smooth connection that promotes drainage while avoiding debris.

It is conveniently available in 6, 12, 18 and 24 foot sections. Custom lengths are available and channels can easily be cut.

Custom Components

This versatile system is completely customizable. With clean 90° and 45° angles, as well as T-sections available, you may create a drainage plan to meet many specifications.

Trench Drain Systems has the ability to custom fabricate corners, tees as well as side and bottom outlets with all Mini Channel grating options in its Fremont, Ohio manufacturing facility.

Channel components

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