POLYCAST® 600 Series Kit w/DG0644 Fiberglass Grate & Stainless Edge- Load Class B


Each Kit Includes:
48″ POLYCAST 600 channel(s)
48″ FRP Bar Grates
Grate Hold-down devices 2/grate
Installation Chairs
End Cap
End Outlet


POLYCAST 600 Series is a polymer concrete channel that has a built-in 0.65% slope that allows the system to achieve flow rates of 470 GPM. The installation chairs tighten the joints between channels while aligning and leveling the drainage run. Each installation chair is secured to the ground (using your own rebar), ensuring that the channels will not float during the concrete pour. The grates are made of fiberglass and are normally used in areas where extreme chemical resistance is needed but with no heavy loads. The separation between bars is 0.63″. Gritted top non-slip surface. Made in the USA.


  • FRP Bar Fiberglass Grate – (Class B Load Rating)
  • Pattern: slotted bar
  • 0.63″ between bars
  • Gritted non-slip surface
  • Chemical resistance
  • Specification Sheet for DG0644

Each Kit Includes:

  • 48″ POLYCAST 600 channel (1 for each 4′ of kit ordered)
  • 48″ FRP Fiberglass Grate (1 per channel)
  • Grate Hold-down devices (2 per grate)
  • Installation Chairs
  • End Caps (1 per system)
  • End Outlet (1 per system)
  • Installation instructions

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POLYCAST 600 Layout

Layout Info:
Please review the inlet/outlet depths shown above for each system length. (Add 3/4″ to include the channel bottom thickness)

If you have certain channels, a channel depth requirement, require vinyl ester channels, or have a large project, we invite you to request a quote.

NOTE: For proper installation, grates must be in the channel during installation.

2 foot kits are intended to be an extension to kits and only include one install chair and no end caps/outlets. Other accessories are to be purchased separately if it is intended to be a stand-alone kit.

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Kit Length

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Load Class

Load Class B

Product Type

Drainage Kit

Grate Width

6 inch


Animal and Zoo, Chemical and Hygiene, Commercial, Driveway Drainage, Greenhouse, Industrial, Municipal, Pool and Spa, Poolside, Residential

Channel Material

Polymer Concrete