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Animal facilities drainage systems requirements range from being safe enough for little paws to strong enough for larger animals. Non-permeable material options are available, such as HDPE and stainless steel, which are lightweight and do not absorb or hold odors. Pre-sloped and neutral channels along with catch basins and sediment baskets can provide a system that can handle waste and debris for easy cleaning. Our drainage experts can help you plan your project and give you options to meet your design and budget. Do not hesitate to get in-touch with us via email, phone, or by submitting a form online.



The large surface areas of greenhouse floors, roofs and parking lots require effective control of pooling water and humidity to prevent botanical disease and structural damage. Trench drains and catch basins are used to divert and carry water runoff away from the site. Several drain options available based upon the size of the greenhouse, the surrounding landscape slope and the potential severity of the pooling water. Pre-sloped and neutral channels, as well as ADA compliant and heel friendly grates, can effectively battle excess water while keeping your building, plants and people safe.


Industrial and manufacturing facilities often face extreme operating conditions such as heavy loads, harsh chemicals, and abrasive or flammable materials.Heavy duty drainage systems with corrosion and fire-resistant materials are available to tolerate severe environments.Prefabricated turns and intersections, pre-sloped and high flow channels are available to make your project successful. Our selection of channels can handle drainage capacities ranging from 30 to 6700 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). Grating solutions include all load ratings, ADA compliance, and material options to withstand chemicals and weathering. Does your project require a custom solution? Our experts can provide quotes customized to the job specs.



Water diversion for municipal facilities means providing safety for traffic ranging from pedestrians to commercial vehicles. Our extensive product line includes sloped or non-sloped channels in multiple depths, widths,and materials to control runoff both inside and outside of buildings.Grate options are available to handle load classes A through F, as well as designs that are ADA compliant, heel proof, non-slip, and decorative for city safety and aesthetics.Our drainage systems are intended to save time, money and resources for your project without negatively impacting their performance.Do not hesitate to get in-touch with our in-house drainage kit experts via email, phone, or by submitting a form online. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.


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