ULMA U100KX Drain Channel w/ Iron Age Minnione Grate – RAW


Each Kit Includes :

  • Channel(s)
  • Grate(s)
  • Installation chair(s)
  • Locking device(s)
  • End Cap (not included with half channel)
  • End Outlet (not included with half channel)


This pre-sloped polymer concrete trench drain kit uses the ULMA U100KX channel with integral stainless steel edging.

Channels are available in 1/2-meter (without end cap or outlet) or a full 1-meter length with a 0.5% slope. It has an external width of 130 mm, an internal width of 100 mm.

The locking system consists of locking bar CS100 and hex head screws. Installation hardware included.

Each Kit Includes :

  • (1) Channel per 1 Meter section
  • (2) Grates per channel
  • (2) Installation chairs per channel
  • (1) Locking device per grate
  • (1) End Cap (not included with half channel)
  • (1) End Outlet (not included with half channel)

Half Channel Kit Includes :

  • (1) 1/2 Channel
  • (1) Grate
  • (1) Installation chairs per channel
  • (1) Locking device

Ulma U100K channel schematic diagram

This kit has the Minnione pattern, which is available in either the raw casting or Baked on Oil Finish (BoOF).Minnione 5 x 20 Inch Schematic

Specification Sheet for IA-MIN-0520

Actual Grate Dimensions: 4.81″ [122mm] x 19.43″ [498mm] x .81″ [20.57mm]

Please note that all raw cast-iron grates begin to naturally rust with exposure to any form of moisture and will appear bright orange before settling to brown.

Load class ratings for entire systems will always be determined by the lowest class within the system. For example, if the channel is rated as a C and the grate is rated as a D, the overall system will be rated as load class C. The same is true should the channel be rated as load class C and the grates are rated as load class A; the system as a whole would be rated as load class A.

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Kit Meter Length

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Iron Age Designs, ULMA

Load Class

Load Class B

Product Type

Drainage Kit


Animal and Zoo, Commercial, Driveway Drainage, Greenhouse, Municipal, Patio, Residential

Grate Pattern

Finish Type


Channel Material

Polymer Concrete

Grate Load Class

Grate Material

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