HYDROPLUS Mini w/ Iron Age 5″x 20″ Interlaken BoOF Cast Iron Grate | Class B


Kit includes channel section(s), grate(s), 2 end caps, locking devices

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HYDROPLUS Mini is a shallow neutral trench drain for pedestrian and occasional car traffic for areas of low hydraulic requirements.

Polypropylene channel externally measures 132mm wide, internal width of 100mm, and overall height 84mm and 1 meter in length.

HYDROPLUS Mini Kit Includes:

  • 1M (3.3 ft) polypropylene channel sections
  • Cast Iron Grate (item# IA-INTER-0520-BF) Qty.2 grates per 1M channel section
  • Qty.2, closed-end caps per kit
  • Two locking bolts(LD100MX-3) per 1M channel section

Interlaken IA-INTER-0520-BF Grate Specification Sheet

Actual Grate Dimensions: 4.81″ [122mm] x 19.63″ [498mm] x .81″ [20.57mm]

(There may be slight dimension variances on cast iron products)

Although the grates are listed as a load class B, this system is rated as A, or B depending upon installation.

Channel Design:

Diagrams are located on the bottom of the channel to assist with installation and custom cuts. Raised notches allow for proper saw alignment for cutting angles as well as straight section cuts.
  • Modular design offers the flexibility of two bottom outlet knockout options for pipe connections
  • Two side knockouts can be used as ‘open’ outlets or connected to other channels to create a tee or right and left 90-degree bends
  • Every 10cm, the channel is molded on the bottom to allow for cuts to be made, providing a natural coupler that will slide into that female section of the next channel
  • The bottom of each channel contains diagrams for cutting, installation as well as cutting angles
  • Channels conveniently feature raised notches that assist in properly aligning saws for diagonal cuts when fabricating angles
  • Side cut-out area allows for 90-degree assembly of channels if the project requires

ULMA Hydro Plus Mini Drawing

Load class ratings for entire systems will always be determined by the lowest class within the system. For example, if the channel is rated as a C and the grate is rated as a D, the overall system will be rated as load class C. The same is true should the channel be rated as load class C and the grates are rated as load class A; the system as a whole would be rated as load class A.

CLICK HERE for HYDROPLUS Mini Installation Instructions

CLICK HERE for ULMA Declaration of Conformity

NOTE: For proper installation, grates must be in the channel during installation.

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Channel Material


Product Type

Drainage Kit

Load Class

Load Class B

Channel Type


Grate Width

5 inch



Grate Material



Finish Type


Grate Finish

Grate Load Class

Grate Pattern

CSI Code 22 00 00, 22 14 00, 22 14 26, 22 14 26.19, 33 30 00, 33 40 00, 33 44 00, 33 44 13, 33 44 16, 33 46 13, 33 49 13

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