ULMA 661 Slotted Ductile Iron 9×20 Class E Grate – MultiV+200

SKU: 661

Slotted Ductile Iron Grate

Actual Dimensions: 8.94″ [227 mm] x 19.60″ [498 mm] x .79″ [20 mm]

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ULMA 661 slotted ductile iron grate is measured at 277mm x 498mm and follows Load Class D400, EN1433 standard rating. This Non-slip slotted grate is made with 45° grooves and ridges to help direct water and includes a boltless Rapidlock system often found in the MultiV+200 trench drain systems. It is suitable for a variety of applications including parking lots, commercial, or pedestrian traffic areas.ULMA 661 Spec

Actual Dimensions: 8.94″ [227 mm] x 19.60″ [498 mm] x .79″ [20 mm]

Water Flow Area: 920 cm²/lm

Specification Sheet for ULMA 661 / FNX200RGEM

Designed to fit: MultiV+ (100/150/200)

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Grate Pattern

Load Class

Load Class E

Product Type


Grate Load Class

Grate Length

Grate Width

9 inch

Grate Shape





Animal and Zoo, Commercial, Driveway Drainage, Greenhouse, Municipal, Patio, Residential, Car Wash, Parking Lots

Grate Height

3/4 inch