Trench Era FF Series Drain System w/FG1245 14″ Wide Class A Grate – Galvanized Frame

SKU: FFK-1245

Each kit includes:

  • Frame (Galvanized)
  • Grates
  • Hardware Pack
  • End Plates

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Trench Era Multi-Channel SystemDesigned for its versatility, the Trench•Era™ FF series drain system can accommodate a variety of high-capacity trench drain applications. This robust ‘fast frame’ and grate system is intended for channel drains that need to be fabricated on-site. This system provides a standard hardware pack with the exception of the supporting spanner bar that varies in size depending on the width of the system. Frame lengths are available in 4′, 6′ and 8′ sections and is determined by the length of the system selected.

Each kit includes:

  • Frame (Galvanized)
  • Grates
  • Hardware Pack
  • End Plates


  • FG1245 -(14″ Wide)
  • Fiberglass Mesh Grate – (Load Class A – DIN Rating)
  • Open Surface Area: 70%

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Grate Pattern


Frame and Grate, Trench Era

Product Type

Drainage Kit


Animal and Zoo, Chemical and Hygiene, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Transportation, Agriculture, Car Wash, Parking Lots


Galvanized Frame

Load Class

Load Class A



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