TDS™ 3″ Gray MAX Mini w/ Natural Bronze Tardis Grate & Satin Bronze Edge


Kits Include:

Pre-assembled sections which include grates, edging, couplers, end caps, and end outlets.

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The TDS MAX Mini™ is an enhanced 3″ NDS® Mini Channel system that features custom edging and TDS-exclusive Bronze Age™ grates in brushed or natural finish. Grates are made in the USA and are excellent for light-duty applications including residential pools, patios, spas, and tennis courts.

Kits Include:

Pre-assembled sections that include grates, custom edging, couplers, end caps, and end outlets

  • Durable and lightweight polyolefin parts
  • Connects easily to sewer drain for Sch. 40 pipe and fittings
  • A Flanged bottom provides straight installation and prevents floating
  • Pre-assembled sections include edging and any endcaps, couplers, and outlets
  • End outlet fits Sch. 40 2″ pipe
  • Easy installation

MAX Mini™ Specification Sheet

MAX Mini™ Installation Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each MAX Mini system is custom-made to your requirements and cannot be returned. However, prior to production, you will be sent a drawing for final approval. Not available for overnight shipping.

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