POLYCAST® DP0651 Catch Basin w/DG0685HD Transverse Slotted Ductile Iron Grate


Deep Catch Basin

12″W x 24″L x 24″H

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The POLYCAST® DP0651 – 12″ wide inline catch basin with ductile iron edging is an important part of a pre-sloped drainage system. This catch basin is manufactured with a high-strength, corrosion-resistant material. They are designed to be used as collection points and drain run transitions to collect solid debris.

The DP0651 can be used as an individual catch basin, or with the POLYCAST® trench drain system.

Cut-outs for side, bottom, and end outlets are located on the catch basin for easy installation. A core drill is available before shipment (at an additional cost).

The following POLYCAST® channels correspond with the catch basin: 600N, 605, 610, 615, 620, 625 and their corresponding halves and neutrals.

Debris baskets (sold separately) are available in stainless steel material or HDPE material.

Actual Basin Dimensions: 12″W x 24″L x 24″HDG0685HD POLYCAST



  • DG0685HD – Ductile Iron Slotted Grate – (Class E Load Rating)
  • Open Area: 17% (34IN2)
  • Color: Silver

Catch Basin Kit Includes: 

  • Grate (Ductile Iron Slotted)
  • Locking Device
  • Catch Basin

Specification Sheet for POLYCAST® 651/751 Catch Basin

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Product Type

Catch Basin

Channel Material

Polymer Concrete




Animal and Zoo, Chemical and Hygiene, Commercial, Driveway Drainage, Greenhouse, Industrial, Municipal, Residential, Agriculture, Parking Lots

Grate Load Class

Grate Material

Grate Pattern


Load Class

Load Class E

Channel Type



Ductile Iron Edging

Grate Width

12 inch

CSI Code 22 00 00, 22 13 29.33, 22 14 00, 22 14 26, 22 14 26.19, 22 14 29.19, 33 30 00, 33 40 00, 33 44 00, 33 44 13, 33 44 13.13, 33 44 16, 33 46 13