NDS 3″ Sand Mini Channel Kit with TDS Bronze Age Rain Drop Grate – BoOF


Kit includes:
NDS 500S Channel (1) for every 6ft section
NDS 547S End cap (1)
NDS 546S End outlet (1)
NDS 548S Coupler (1) for each channel over 6ft
TDS  BA-RAIN-0312-BF Ductile Iron BoOF Rain Drop
NDS 529B Grate hold-down (1pkg per kit – 64 pcs)

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NDS® Mini Channel linear drain is a non-sloped system built for light traffic applications such as pools, patios, and walkways. The channel is UV-protected and manufactured from durable lightweight polyolefin plastic. This kit includes a TDS Bronze Age™ cast iron grate in the Rain Drop pattern with a BoOF (Baked-on Oil Finish)


Available online in 6, 12, 18, and 24 foot kits; custom system lengths are available. Request a Quote.


The 3ft Extension and the 6ft Extension kits are intended to be an extension to the standard length kits and do not include the end cap/outlet. Other accessories are to be purchased separately if intended to be a stand-alone kit.


This system has a Load Class rating of A but can be rated for a B Load Class if properly installed; see the specification sheet for details.


Specification Sheet BA-RAIN-0312-BF

Mini Channel Installation Guide


Each kit includes:

  • Channels
  • One End Cap
  • One Outlet (compatible with SCH 40 pipe)
  • Couplers (1 for each joint)
  • Grates
  • Hold Down Screws (2 per grate)


Please note that all raw cast-iron grates begin to naturally rust with exposure to any form of moisture and will appear bright orange before settling to brown. With the Baked-on Oil Finish, the grates will still minutely rust, but not to the same extreme as a raw cast iron grate. 

Please allow an additional 2 weeks for delivery of BoOF products.

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Commercial, Greenhouse, Municipal, Patio, Residential

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Load Class A


Bronze Age, NDS, TDS

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Drainage Kit


Mini Channel