NDS Dura Slope Kit with IA-LOC-0624 Cast Iron Locust Grate | Natural


Pre-sloped decorative system by NDS®.


This kit features the Locust pattern grate the 6″ Dura Slope by NDS® is one of the most customizable plastic trench drains available for commercial projects. A lightweight HDPE drainage system, NDS® Dura Slope sets high standards for chemical and load resistance. Its four foot modular channel sections offer 0.7% slope with rounded bottom, creating an efficient water evacuation route for any application. Each channel has a 4″ bottom outlet knockout that provides a greater degree of design variability for the drainage system.


  • Heavy Duty Decorative Cast iron grates in the Locust pattern – (5-7/8″ x 23-7/8″)
  • Raw or natural (natural rusting occurs with first exposure to moisture)
  • 2 fastening holes per grate
  • Free Drain Area: 15%
  • ADA Compliant

Each Dura Slope Kit Includes:

  • 1 – 48″ Dura Slope channel for each 4ft. of kit length ordered
  • 2 – 2ft. Locust deco cast iron grates for each 4ft. of length ordered (raw or BooF finish)
  • 4 – Grate Locking Devices for each 4ft. of length ordered
  • 1 – End Outlet (fits 4″ S&D pipe)
  • 1 – End Cap
  • Screws for mounting end cap and end outlet
  • Installation instructions

Specification Sheet for IA-LOC-0624

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Iron Age Designs, NDS

Grate Width

6 inch


Commercial, Municipal, Residential

Grate Pattern


Dura Slope

Kit Length

, , , ,

Product Type

Drainage Kit

Channel Material