Decorative Grating for POLYCAST 600

Decorative POLYCAST Grates

There are multiple trench drain systems available on the market today, but not all have the application flexibility as Hubbell’s POLYCAST 600 series. These pre-sloped drain systems are ideal for a variety of projects and often use a standard slotted ductile iron grate, as it is a versatile option. Occasionally, there is a need for a decorative grating option, but up until now, the choices have been limited.

Decorative Ductile Iron

Ductile iron grates are versatile and widely used in both commercial and residential applications. Several decorative grates are available that fit the 6″ POLYCAST trench drain systems. These grates are rated at a Load Class D, making them decorative and heavy-duty.

DG0692-POLYCAST-cast iron patriot grate by TDS

Patriot Grate

The Patriot grate displays a “stars and stripes” theme which is a common Revolutionary War-era design. It is versatile and aesthetically pleasing in a diverse range of applications. Used by itself this decorative grate is rated Load Class C, but can be converted to a Load Class D when mounted with a DG0700AA hardnosed frame. Locking devices are recommended for proper installation.

SKU: DG0692


Transverse Slotted Grate

Accessibility is no longer an issue with the Transverse slotted ductile iron grate. It is ADA-compliant and heel-friendly. While independently rated for Load Class D when used in a 600 series channel, if combined with the DG0700AA frame, it meets Load Class F providing the system with both strength and aesthetics, which make it an ideal selection for commercial and streetscape applications. Locking devices are recommended for proper installation.


Solid Ductile Iron Cover

Solid Grate

This solid ductile iron grate is appropriate for a variety of general-use applications. It is ADA-compliant and heel-proof, which makes it ideal for many commercial and/or residential projects. When installed with a POLYCAST® 600 system, this grate is rated Load Class D, but can be converted to a Load Class F when mounted with a DG0700AA frame. Locking devices are recommended for proper installation.

SKU: DG0641S

Stainless Steel

Due to a growing interest in decorative grating in the drainage market, TDS has developed several patterns for the POLYCAST 600 series drain system. Bringing a touch of elegance to any hardscape or pool deck, many of the patterns are designed to be ADA-compliant and heel-proof.

Wedge Wire

This longitudinal wedge wire stainless steel grate is an ideal replacement for any 6″ grate. With length options of 24 inches or 48 inches, this grate provides a streamlined look and is suitable for any low-traffic applications such as pedestrians, bicycles, and golf carts. Also available in a reinforced option for heavier traffic needs.

SKU: DG0655 or DG0655R (Reinforced)



The Cathedral Pattern is based on a historic design found in an ancient cathedral in Chester, England. This eye-catching 6″ grate is made in both stainless and galvanized steel and is rated for a pedestrian load (Load Class A), creating multiple options for patios and courtyards. These decorative grates are supplied in 24 or 48-inch lengths.

SKU: DG0630 or DG0620 (Galvanized)

DG0630 CATHEDRAL Stainless Steel POLYCAST and SS600

Slot Grate

The Transverse Slot pattern is a popular look for showers and pool decks. The elongated slots allow for greater drainage capability and are friendly. This design brings a clean, linear look to any deck drain. Rated for a pedestrian load (Load Class A), this exclusive grate is supplied in 24 or 48-inch lengths and provided in both stainless and galvanized steel.

SKU: DG0631 or DG0621 (Galvanized)

DG0631 Transverse SLOT Stainless Steel POLYCAST and SS600

Deco Grate

This Square deco pattern is a popular design used in a variety of commercial and residential applications. Available in both stainless and galvanized steel it is rated for pedestrian traffic (Load Class A). This design offers a high open area percentage which allows for faster draining in a heel-proof setting. Offered exclusively through TDS this decorative grate is supplied in 24 or 48-inch lengths.

SKU: DG0633 or DG0623 (Galvanized)

DG0633 SQUARE DECO Stainless Steel POLYCAST and SS600

Foam Grate

The Foam Pattern is based on the standard perforated grate but with added hole size variations. Exclusively through TDS this decorative grate is supplied in 24 or 48-inch lengths. It is a popular option for those installing an indoor/outdoor shower drain or those wanting to maximize a heel-proof surface around a swimming pool. Rated at a Load Class A and available in both stainless or galvanized steel this grate provides an ideal solution to many light traffic applications.

SKU: DG0632 or DG0622 (Galvanized)

TDS SS600 DG0632 FOAM Stainless Steel grate

Locking Devices

Locking devices help secure the grate within the trench drain system and prevent debris from interfering with proper placement and hopping as traffic moves over them. It also serves as a deterrent for theft. They are recommended for proper installation.


An annual cleaning of your trench drain system is the best way to get the most out of your drainage application. Drainage systems are exposed to the elements and need the occasional maintenance to ensure proper water disbursement.

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