6 Reasons to Consider Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is perfect for water parks

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is becoming a common building material, but while some areas have been quick to embrace fiber-reinforced polymers, other contractors and plant managers still aren’t convinced. Why should they use fiberglass grating for their railings, walkways and trench drains?

6 Reasons to Choose FRP

FRP material is a composite made by combining glass fibers with resin. This process gives the grate its strength and creates a corrosive-resistant, non-conductive shield that makes fiberglass grating so popular in utility plants, coastal areas, and chemical containment facilities. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic can be applied with a non-slip coating for walking platforms at water treatment plants.

1 – Capacity

Fiberglass grates have remarkable load capacity – loaded forklifts can drive across a 12” wide fiberglass grate. Ductile iron grates can take a lot of effort and muscle strain to maneuver, consider using lightweight fiberglass grates.


2 – Cost-efficiency

Pound for pound, fiberglass grates cost less than iron. We’re thinking long-term. From a practical sense, fiberglass doesn’t have the same scrap value as cast iron grates and is less likely to be stolen. Fiberglass is a great option If you’re in an area where scrapping is a concern. There’s also a low installation cost since the material is not labor-intensive.

3 – Corrosion

Fiberglass resists corrosion from acids, bases, oxidizing agents, salts, and sulfur gasses. It doesn’t stain like galvanized and stainless steels do. Corrosion is temperature-based, increasing with higher temperatures. In these cases, use fiberglass grates made with a high-temperature resistant vinyl ester resin.

FRP walkway

4 – Conductivity

Because fiberglass is non-conductive, it is a popular material in utility plant catwalks. Fiberglass grates provide a safe walking space through wet environments where electricity is a serious concern. Because of this, fiberglass grates don’t experience corrosion that happens when two different metals touch while exposed to water. Stainless grating secured with galvanized fittings will weather faster than a fiberglass grate using the same securing mechanisms.

Fibergrate Docks

5 – Grit

Fiberglass grating offers a smooth finish along with a wide range of surface textures. Grit selections are perfect for wet or otherwise slippery surfaces. There are coarse selections that can be aggressive for gripping footwear or sand-like light particles that are safe and comfortable for bare feet. This feature is also beneficial for food market displays, fish processing stations, as well as a perfect fit for a lightweight non-slip surface in the boating industry.

Fibergrate Docks
Fiberglass stair treads/platforms

6 – Versatility

FRP can be used in a number of areas beyond drainage solutions. There are a wide variety of other opportunities for its usage. It can be used as an architectural feature that provides a privacy screen or blocks the sun, for example.

Zoos and aquariums have used it traditionally as well as within enclosures for all types of animals from sharks to tigers. With its resistance to a variety of chemicals, it’s used as shelving for storing harsh chemicals and corrosive items such as batteries.

You may even find it used as table tops at a local farmer’s market. It’s perfect for displaying food/fresh fish that may need to have a way to drain off excess water. The possibilities with this product are endless.

Where and How

Where FRP is UsedHow FRP is Used
Aquariums/ZoosBeef/Fish Processing PlantsAccess Platforms
Animal barriers
Beverage Bottling CompaniesBridges & WalkwaysBalconiesFountains& Pools
Car WashesChemical Processing PlantsBoat Landings/Splash ZonesChemical Storage

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Fiberglass Frames and Grates

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