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Large Projects need an in charge system – FP1200 is here!

Efficiency, productivity, and durability are a few words we use often in our line of work.  Your reputation is tied to every project and it’s important to use the best tools possible.  TDS found that in the FP1200 system with revolutionary design and prefabricated turns and tees to minimize install times. Sections are 12″ wide and are available in 4′ and 8′ lengths to help the customer have flexibility needed for commercial projects.

Have high volume flow?  No problem, with flow rates up to 6700 GPM that can be achieved over 120′ of continuous 1% slope.


Top off the channels with a wide range of grating options.  FP1200 boasts four American made grate options in three different weight classes, including a design that is rated for Load Class E and is ADA Compliant.  These heavy-duty grates can be used for highways, airports, military bases, and rail terminals.  This system is the total package with fiberglass walls that are 80% thicker than the competition.

Our estimators and engineers are eager to help with any future projects.  Want more information on the FP1200 series?  Give us a call today at 610-638-1221 or check out our website where you can download brochures and bid specifications.

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Rust on your Cast Iron

You received your raw cast iron grate with its silver hue and flawless appearance only to walk outside two weeks later to find a grate with orange spots of rust starting to form.  The first thought you have is to return the grates because they must be defective and you didn’t sign up for this abomination. “Why me? Why my grate?”

When exposed to moisture and air, a typical orange-brown hydrated oxide (limonite) forms. There is a natural process that a grate goes through that takes time to achieve the classic dark amber color that makes it beautiful again. The more tightly adhering oxide coating actually protects the grate from further corrosion.

How long will my grates be orange?

Depending on the climate, it can take anywhere from months to a year. The amount of traffic and weather the grates receive may speed up the process.

As a company we understand that some of you don’t want to wait so we offer the Baked on Oil Finish to get you the desired look without the hassle.  I too want instant gratification and don’t want to wait the allotted time it takes for an ugly duckling become a beautiful swan. With our special Baked on Oil Finish we put the grate through a process that promotes even coloring so when received you have the desired effect you’re looking for.

“Does the rust ruin my grate?”

This is a concern of most people but an unnecessary one, as the rust is and will remain superficial. The structural integrity of a ductile iron component will therefore not be impaired.

“Why not paint my grate?”

Powder coating is a great way to change the look of your grate when trying to achieve the color you desire. Depending on what material your grate is made of and what application it is being used, powder coating is an acceptable option.  Paint is not necessarily a long term option to keep your grating rust free with time paint can wear and crack causing water to get under the paint making it bubble and chip.  Paint is also used to hide defects, blow holes, and will need to be regularly maintained to keep it looking pristine.  Why not be environmentally friendly by letting nature take its course or allow us to give her a helping hand.

There are other materials available that won’t rust and may be better for your application while providing the look and feel that’s perfect for your design.

    • Bronze
    • Aluminum
    • Plastic
    • Stainless or Galvanized Steel
MCKS-IA-Aca-BF Ironage boof grate aca mini channel tds sand channel
MCKS-IA-Aca-BF Ironage boof grate – Acanthus pattern mini channel in TDS sand colored channel

Still not sure whether to embrace the orange or let your grates grow old gracefully? Contact our experienced experts who can help you weigh the options for your project.

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TDS Sand Channel – Only at Trench Drain Systems!

“Why do I need a drainage system?” As experts we hear it all the time and understand starting a new project may seen like a horrifying experience with so many choices and decisions to make.  When contemplating what is needed in a new patio, landscape, or pool project lots of times drainage is overlooked until “whoops there’s a problem.”  If not drained properly , run off or excess water can pool in areas or roll back towards the foundation causing damage.  Nobody wants moss/mildew growth, concrete staining or slipping hazards to ruin what they worked so hard to create. Let us inspire you with our TDS 3″ Sand Channel kit that offers a wide variety of decorative grate options.  The design of this channel offers an opportunity for you to add elegance with functionality and create a unique custom look.


This system can be installed in a variety of ways making it fast and easy for homeowners and contractors to use in their designs.  With its exclusive sand color, this channel blends seamlessly with pavers and other materials giving your landscape a clean, one of a kind look.

TDS Sand channel kits are designed for durability and rapid drainage at an affordable price making it suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Patios & Walkways
  • Poll & Spa Decks
  • Tennis Courts
  • Kennels
  • Basements & Garages

Check out the many kits we have to offer with this TDS exclusive channel.


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Sale on Green Polylok

Take advantage of a  great deal on our Green 5″ Polylok drainage kit. Polylok is engineered to deliver flexibility in a heavy duty design. This system offers 4′ sections with a reversible ADA grate that can be flat or flipped for a domed surface. The Green blends seamlessly with your yard  and offers superior drainage for your patio/landscape applications. Limited supplies so get your kit before they disappear.

Driveway Drain Kit - 16ft - Green
Driveway Drain Kit – Green
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Elevate the Look of Your Shower


Nothing quite compares to the beauty and luxury of Infinity’s Wedge Wire Site Sizable® drainage kits. Infinity’s V-shaped wires run parallel to each other and are welded together with absolute precision making this grate a stylish option for any bathroom. Wedge Wire grating blends contemporary styling with durability. Every kit is made with marine grade 316 stainless steel and comes in several different finishes. Grate openings widen inwardly to serve as a primary strainer for debris while still allowing water to flow freely making this system not only beautiful but functional.

Wedge Wire stainless poolside / shower drain kit

Infinity offers Site Sizable® Kits
This Site Sizable® kit allows for an exact wall-to-wall installation that creates the seamless look that contractors are looking for. Channel and grate lengths can be cut on-site creating flexibility with your specialized project. Outlets can be located anywhere along the channel, making installation faster and saving contractors’ time and money. If you’re in design, plumbing, general contracting or just remodeling; this system is a perfect choice for your special project.
Want to learn more about linear drainage? Visit our Trench Drain Blog and read up on installing a linear shower drain:

Wedge Wire stainless poolside / shower drain kit

Click to watch an installation demonstration:

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Hey Business Owners! Show Your Customers What You Got!

Mini Channel grates sample kit plastic slotted grating plastic deco grating

Want to have physical product for your clients to touch and see? Get the competitive edge with our new Mini Channel Sample Kits. We offer everything from bronze to plastic grating to help your customer see the potential of their projects with our decorative options.

Drainage with Style

The Mini Channel drainage system gives a classic style to any pool and spa with bronze or aluminum decorative grates. Mini Channel is a landscapers dream with it’s ease of installation and variety of styles to use for patios or walkway designs. Installation is easy in paver brick installations, too!

Deco grating Bronze Aluminum Mini Channel promotional grating cathedral rain slotted

We offer four different kits to help you showcase the many looks, finishes and color varieties that this system has to offer. NDS Polyethylene grates are designed for maximum durability for any drainage project. UV inhibitors in the grates and component parts prevent fading and cracking from the sun and are chemically resistant, rustproof, and maintenance free.

Have a larger project?

No problem our estimators and engineers are here to help with all types of applications and designs. Don’t let your drainage ruin the look of your landscape – let it add to the appeal of your design.

view sample kits