POLYCAST DP0653OB Open Bottom 24″ x 24″ 600 Series Catch Basin Riser



Hubbell’s POLYCAST DP0653SOB open-bottom catch basins are designed to be set on top of the DP0653SB closed-bottom catch basin (sold separately) for deeper collection points. These open-bottom stacking risers are made of polymer concrete, eliminating the costly labor-intensive on-site forming. They have a 46 gallon capacity alone and measure 24″ X 24″ X 24″H (nominal). A ductile iron frame, which sets on the top edge of the riser, is also included.

The catch basins and risers can be used with the POLYCAST drain system channels or as individual catch basins. Cut-outs for 4″, 6″ and 8″ pipe are located near the bottom of edge on one side. Drain channel cut-out are located on 3 sides to attach to POLYCAST channels with numbers ending in 5, 0, N (neutral) and H (half)

Grates are sold separately.

DP0653OB 24 inch Open Bottom Catch Basin Specs




Animal and Zoo, Commercial, Greenhouse, Industrial, Municipal

Product Type

Catch Basin, Part