Decorative 4.8″ Cast Iron Grate for MEArin 100 – Minione


Iron Age cast iron grates – Made in USA.



Update your trench drain system with a decorative cast iron trench grate designed to fit the MEArin 100 Channel drain system and others. The wavy Minione pattern is available in either the raw casting or baked on oil finish (BooF).

Each 1/2 meter Minione grate is 4 13/16″ wide x 19 5/8″ long x 13/16″ thick.   Includes center hole for locking device (purchased separately).
(There may be slight dimension variances on cast iron products)

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery on BooF products.

What is BooF?

Raw cast iron will initially turn from silver to an orangish brown as the exterior weathering oxidation begins. A stable oxide exterior patina eventually forms, which results in the dark brown appearance we normally see on old cast iron. But that natural rusting process may take 1-2 years. Our 15 step Baked on Oil Finish process pre-rusts the metal and naturally seals in a beautiful chocolate brown appearance – bypassing the initial rusting episode.


Made in USAEach grate is designed and crafted in the United States to deliver a product as long-lasting as it is effective.

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