Bronze Age BA-TAR-0312-A Class A Tardis Aluminum 3″ x 12″ Grate

SKU: BA-TAR-0312-A

This grate comes in 12″ sections with a 3″ (nominal) width.

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Decorative Bronze Age™  grate with the Tardis pattern in Aluminum. These unique grates are made to fit the NDS® 3″ Mini-Channel linear trench drain. The BA-TAR-0312-A grate is made in the USA, is marine grade, measures 2.72″ wide, and has a length of 12″.

These grates are perfect for any low-traffic applications such as pedestrians, bicycles, and golf carts.

Designed to fit: NDS Mini Channel & TDS Max Mini

This system has a Load Class rating of A but can be rated for a B Load Class if properly installed; see specification sheet for details.

Actual Dimensions: 2.72″ [69mm] x 12″ [305mm] x .34″ [9mm]

Tardis Grate Specification Sheet | Class A or B


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Grate Load Class

Grate Shape



Bronze Age, TDS

Grate Pattern

Grate Height

1/4 inch


MAX Mini, Mini Channel

Load Class

Load Class A

Grate Width

3 inch

Product Type


Grate Material