Zurn P6-HPDE-USA Class E Slotted Heel-Proof Ductile Iron 6″ x 20″ Grate


ZURN P6-HPDE Slotted Ductile Iron Grate. Measures 5.38″ x 20″ is perfect for your 6″ drainage system.

ADA Compliant, Heel-Proof, H-20, Load Class E


This special-duty Zurn P6-HPDE Slotted Ductile Iron Grate is a perfect replacement for any 6″ grate! It also fits the Zurn Z886, Z883 and Z806 systems.

This Ductile Iron Grate measures 5.38″ width with a 20″ length.

Meets Class E Load Requirements, H-20 and FAA load rated.

NOTE: Overnight deliveries are not available for this product

These Ductile Iron Grates are perfect for heavy-load applications such as:

Zurn Slotted ADA Compliant Ductile Iron Grate

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Grate Shape




Load Class

Load Class E

Grate Load Class

Product Type


Grate Length

Grate Material

CSI Code 05 53 00, 05 56 00, 22 00 00, 22 14 00, 22 14 26, 22 14 26.19, 33 40 00, 33 44 16, 33 46 13

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