ULMA U100KX Drain Channel with Stainless Steel Edging w/o Grate


Pre-sloped or Neutral Channel with stainless edge


Grates are sold separately for this particular kit.
This pre-sloped polymer concrete trench drain kits uses the ULMA Type U100KX channel with integral stainless steel edging.

It has an external width of 130 mm, an internal width of 100 mm, and is available in overall heights ranging between 130 mm and 280 mm. Channels are 1 meter in length and have a 0.5% slope. Locking system consists of locking bar CS100 and hex head screws (sold separately). Installation hardware and end caps are included.

Ulma U100K channel schematic diagram

ULMA’s U100KX channel is compatible with ULMA grates as well as many Iron Age Designs decorative cast iron trench grating measuring 122 mm x 498 mm.

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Kit Meter Length

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Product Type

Drainage Kit


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Channel Material

Polymer Concrete