ULMA U100K Kit with 495 / PNH100KCAM-GRIS Polypropylene ADA Heel Proof Grate – GRAY

ULMA grate part no.: PNH100KCAM-GRIS
TDS grate part no.: 495


Polymer concrete Linear Drainage Channel ULMA, type U 100: External width 130 mm; Internal width 100 mm; Available with overall heights between 130 mm and 280 mm, 0.5% pre-sloped channels to collect rain water in 1 meter long units. Channel has galvanized edging for a smooth look and lateral protection. Locking system consists of locking bar CS 100 and screws.

ULMA has a wide variety of drain gratings for its 100mm (3.94″) wide channels. This kit includes the ADA Heel-Proof Polypropylene Grate Black/Grey (ULMA Number PNH100KCAM). This grate is 123mm (4.84″) wide and 500mm (19.6″) in length. Two grates are required for each one-meter ULMA channel. Grates are available in black (494) or grey (495), and have a Load Class A rating.ULMA 494 polypropylene grate


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Kit Meter Length

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Metric Options, ULMA

Grate Width

5 inch


Animal and Zoo, Commercial, Greenhouse, Industrial, Municipal

Product Type

Drainage Kit

Channel Material

Polymer Concrete