SS600 Stainless Steel Drain Kit w/ DG0670 Black Slotted Grate | Class A


Each Kit Includes:

  • 48″ SS600 Series channel(s)
  • 24″ grates 2/channel
  • Grate hold-down devices 2/grate
  • Installation chairs
  • 1 End cap
  • 1 End outlet
  • Rubber gasket(s)
  • Hardware
  • Installation Instructions


The SS600 Series stainless steel trench drain is designed for commercial markets. Exclusively by TDS, this system features a built-in 1% percent slope and a smooth v-shaped profile, allowing the system to achieve flow rates up to 470 GPM. The channels measure 48″ long, 6.25″ wide (OD) with a 4″ wide throat (ID). The 16 gauge 304 stainless steel channels are chemically inert and resistant to high temperatures. The flanged channels join with the provided bolts and rubber gasket for a secure fit. The lightweight channels minimize installation time.

SS600 Engineering Specifications

Specification Sheet for DG0670 Grate



  • HDPE plastic slotted grates – black
  • Class A Load Rating

Load class ratings for entire systems will always be determined by the lowest class within the system. For example, if the channel is rated as a C and the grate is rated as a D, the overall system will be rated as load class C. The same is true should the channel be rated as load class C and the grates are rated as load class A; the system as a whole would be rated as load class A.

Each Kit Includes:SS600 Installation

  • 48″ SS600 304 stainless steel pre-sloped channel (1 for each 4′ of kit ordered)
  • 24″ HDPE slotted grates (2 per channel)
  • Grate hold-down devices (1 per grate)
  • Installation chairs
  • 1 End cap
  • 1 End outlet
  • Rubber gasket(s)
  • Hardware
  • Installation instructions

Layout Info:
Please review the inlet/outlet depths shown in the chart below for each system length.

SS600 inlet and outlet sizesPOLYCAST-600-Channel-Depths-2

SS600 Series offers tees, 90-degree elbows, neutral and 24″ half channels, as well as end/bottom outlets, debris outlet strainers, catch basins and trash baskets. Custom sections and 316 stainless steel channels are also available. If you have a larger project, or if your project requires these items, marine-grade 316L stainless steel or specific channel depths, we invite you to request a quote.

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Channel Material

Stainless Steel

Product Type

Drainage Kit

Load Class

Load Class A

Channel Type

Pre Sloped

Grate Width

6 inch



Grate Material


SS 600

Grate Load Class

Kit Length

, , , , , , , , ,

Grate Pattern