POLYCAST® 500 w/ ADA Transverse Slotted Grate DG0675HD


POLYCAST® 500 w/ ADA Transverse Slotted Grate DG0675HD


Transverse Slotted & ADA Compliant.



POLYCAST® 500 shallow trench drain is 1.75” in depth and comes in 48” lengths . A 4” bottom outlet that will need to be cored for pipe connection the system is 6.25” wide (OD) and uses a 5.25” wide grate. The cast iron frame allows for a heavier load class and the top edge of the channel from chipping. Installation chairs tighten the joints between channels while aligning and leveling the drainage run. The ADA compliant DG0675HD Transverse Slotted Grate has a 26% open area and is designed for heavier loads.

Typical Applications

  • Multi Level Garages
  • Parking Lots
  • 500 End ViewElevated Slabs
  • Hotels
  • Swimming Pools
  • Decks and Patios
  • Grocery Stores


Each POLYCAST® 500 Kit Includes:

  • 48″ POLYCAST®  channel (1 for each 4′ of kit ordered)
  • 24″ Ductile iron Patriot grates (2 per channel)(Made in USA)
  • Grate Hold-down devices (1 per grate)
  • Installation Chairs
  • End Outlet (fits 4″ S&D pipe)
  • End Cap
  • Installation instructions


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If you are needing a longer length,  you can order several kits to the length you need or 

PCK5-DG0675HD-04, PCK5-DG0675HD-08, PCK5-DG0675HD-12, PCK5-DG0675HD-16, PCK5-DG0675HD-20, PCK5-DG0675HD-24, PCK5-DG0675HD-24, PCK5-DG0675HD-40,PCK5-DG0675HD-04, PCK5-DG0675HD-08, PCK5-DG0675HD-12,
 PCK5-DG0675HD-16, PCK5-DG0675HD-20, PCK5-DG0675HD-24, PCK5-DG0675HD-40,PCK5-DG0675HD-PF-04, PCK5-DG0675HD-PF-08, PCK5-DG0675HD-PF-12, PCK5-DG0675HD-PF-16, PCK5-DG0675HD-PF-20, PCK5-DG0675HD-PF-24,


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

No Frame, Cast Iron Frame, HDPE Frame

Kit Length

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