NDS 915 Class C HD Bar Galvanized 9″ x 9″ Grate


Galvanized steel bar catch basin grates from NDS®. Class C load rated.
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The square galvanized steel grate from NDS® is ideal for yard drains to collect surface water and minimizing the amount of debris that enters the system. This rust- and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel grate can be used with the 9 inch NDS catch basin, riser, or low-profile adapter to drain heavy flows of excess stormwater from driveways, parking lots, and landscaped areas.

Actual Dimensions: 8-3/4″ x 8-3/4″ x 1-1/8″

Load Class C (when properly installed)

Capacity: 189.48 GPM (Gallons per Minute)

Open Surface Area: 61.94 square inches

Grate Openings: 3/4″

Grate Load Class

Grate Size

Grate Load Class

Class C

Grate Shape




Grate Width

9 inch

Grate Pattern


Grate Height

1 1/8 inch

Product Type

Catch Basin, Grate

Load Class

Load Class C