NDS 3″ Sand Mini Channel Kit with NDS Botanical Grate – Green


Kit includes:
NDS 500S Channel (1) for every 6ft ordered
NDS 547S End cap (1)
NDS 546S End outlet (1)
NDS 548S Coupler (1) for each channel over 6ft
NDS 554GR Botanical Grate (2 per channel)
NDS 529 Grate hold-down (1pkg per kit – 64 pcs)



Mini Channel plastic drain is a non-sloped system built for light traffic applications such as pools, patios, and walkways. The channel is UV protected and manufactured from durable lightweight polyolefin. This kit has a polyolefin grate in the Botanical pattern by NDS in Green. Note: The Botanical grate overlaps and covers the channel’s top edge.

Available online in 6, 12, 18 and 24 foot kits; custom system lengths are available by calling 610-638-1221.

Each kit includes:mini-channel-side-spec-profile

  • Channels (in 3′ or 6′ lengths)
  • One End Cap
  • One Outlet (compatible with SCH 40 pipe)
  • Couplers (1 for each joint)
  • Grates
  • Hold Down Screws  (1pkg per kit – 64 pcs)

Mini Channel Installation Guide


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Mini Channel

Grate Width

3 inch

Product Type

Drainage Kit

Load Class

Load Class B


Greenhouse, Patio, Pool and Spa, Residential

Grate Pattern

Kit Length

, , ,

Channel Material


Grate Material