Mini Channel Sample Kit w/Plastic Grating Options


Mini Channel Sample Kit w/Plastic Grating Options


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NDS Mini Channel installation

Want to have a physical product on hand to show your clients what you can offer? The NDS Mini Channel sample kit is great way for customers to get the look and feel of different grating choices. All NDS UV Protected High Density Polyethylene (HPDE) grates are chemically resistant, rustproof, and maintenance-free. The kit offers a 4″ section of each colored grating , one of each of the decorative grates, and a 3′ section of the channel.

NDS548 Mini Channel CouplerNDS548 Mini Channel Coupler

Great selling points for your customers:

  • Removable grates means easy clean outs down the road
  • 3″ size allows more water flow than a 1.5″
  • Grates are easily replaceable if broken or stained
  • Corners and 45-deg channels give design flexibility

Mini Channel trench drains can be field fabricated for custom lengths.

MCK-540-06, MCK-541-06, MCK-542-06, MCK-543-06, MCK-544-06, MCK-540-12, MCK-541-12, MCK-542-12, MCK-543-12, MCK-544-12, MCK-551-12, MCK-540-18, MCK541-18, MCK-542-18, MCK-543-18, MCK-544,18, MCK-551-18, MCK-540-24, MCK-541-24, MCK-542-24, MCK543-24, MCK-544-24,, MCK-551-24,

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4.5 × 3 in


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