Low Profile Catch Basin Kit w/Atrium Grate 9"x9"


Low Profile Catch Basin Kit w/Atrium Grate 9″x9″


Low profile catch basin with domed atrium grate.



Atrium grates are designed for high trash areas.  They catch leaves and debris and keep on draining!  Our rapid draining 9″ Low Profile Catch Basin Kit fits the bill for a budget drain for homeowners. this Low Profile Catch Basin Kit features an NDS 9″ x 9″ low profile catch basin, structural polyolefin atrium grate, and a 3″ and 4″ pipe adapter for connecting to your pipe.   This fast draining system is designed for bottom outlet into your drainage pipe.

Choose your grate in black or green.

 9″x9″ low profile drain kit includes:

  • 1 low profile catch basin (9″ x 9”)
  • 1 bottom discharge (for 3″ & 4″) pipe adapter
  • 1 structural polyolefin atrium grate in black or green
  • Stainless fasteners for grate
  • Installation instructions

Suitable for:

  • Landscape / Hardscape Drainage
  • Flowerbed Drainage

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