Iron Age IA-OBLIO-CB12-BF Class B Heel-Proof Oblio Cast Iron 12″ x 12″ Grate – BoOF

SKU: IA-Oblio-CB12-HP-BF

Catch basin grate or classic stepping stone.

Actual Dimensions: 11.67″ [297 mm] x 11.67″ [297 mm] x .1.13″ [29 mm]

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Decorative Iron Age grate with the Oblio pattern and is available in either the raw casting or Baked on Oil Finish12x12 Oblio Drawing

Actual Dimensions: 11.67″ [297 mm] x 11.67″ [297 mm] x .1.13″ [29 mm]

Specification Sheet for IA-OBLIO-CB12

Designed to fit: NDS 1200 Series Catch Basins

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Grate Height

1 1/8 inch

Grate Load Class


NDS 1200

Product Type

Catch Basin, Grate

Grate Load Class

Class B

Load Class

Load Class B

Grate Shape



Iron Age Designs

Grate Pattern

Finish Type


Commercial, Driveway Drainage, Municipal, Patio, Residential

Grate Finish