Perforated-Foam 304 Stainless Steel Heel Proof Grate 3″x36″ Class B


Fits the NDS Mini Channels
and the TDS MAX Mini drainage system

Exclusively through TDS


Limited Stock. Call for availability. 610-882-3630

As part of the Bronze Age grate collection, this 304 stainless steel Foam perforated grate pattern is an exclusive product of TDS.

Bronze Age Grates

Compatible with NDS Mini Channels or consider Trench Drain Systems’ MAX mini drainage system with decorative stainless steel grates. They are a low-maintenance option that provide a high-end look to pool and patio areas. Rated as a load class B, it is also ideal for light pneumatic tires traffic, pedestrian applications, sidewalks, and residential parking.

Grates can be secured in place with 2 fasteners, NDS529 (not included).

Actual Dimensions: 35.88″ x 2.69″ x 0.34″

Foam Grate Specification Sheet | Class A or B

Also available in 316L – Marine grade stainless steel:

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Grate Height

1/4 inch



Grate Width

3 inch

Product Type


Load Class

Load Class B


Animal and Zoo, Chemical and Hygiene, Greenhouse, Municipal, Patio, Pool and Spa, Poolside, Residential

Grate Material


MAX Mini, Mini Channel

Grate Shape


Grate Pattern


CSI Code 05 59 00, 05 70 00, 22 00 00, 22 14 00, 22 14 26, 22 14 26.19, 33 40 00, 33 44 16