Bronze Age TDS-DECO-0336-L Square Deco 316L Stainless Steel 3″x36″ Grate Load Class B


Made in the USA
Fits the NDS Mini Channel and MAX Mini drainage systems
ADA compliant and heel friendly

Salt Water Grade

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This decorative stainless steel grate is made in the USA and measures 2.69″ width and length of 35.88″. The Square Deco grate features an attractive and exclusive TDS pattern.

Compatible with the NDS Mini Channel and the TDS MAX Mini drainage system.

The marine grade 316L stainless steel material is made to withstand corrosive environments and saltwater applications, such as saltwater pools, oceanfront sidewalks and patios.

Grates can be secured in place with 8 fasteners, NDS529 (not included).

ADA-compliant and heel-friendly, the Square Deco design is perfect for residential use, pedestrians and bicycles. This grate can also be used for sidewalks, parking lots and driveways when installed according to the Load Class B rating.

This grate has a Load Class rating of A but can be rated for a B Load Class if properly installed; see the specification sheet for details.

Deco Grate Specification Sheet | Class A or B

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Bronze Age, TDS

Grate Height

1/4 inch

Grate Width

3 inch

Product Type


Load Class

Load Class B


Animal and Zoo, Driveway Drainage, Greenhouse, Municipal, Patio, Pool and Spa, Poolside, Residential

Grate Pattern


Grate Length

Grate Load Class


Grate Material

Grate Shape


CSI Code 05 59 00, 05 70 00, 22 00 00, 22 14 00, 22 14 26, 22 14 26.19, 33 40 00, 33 44 16