6" POLYCAST® Drainage Kit w/ADA Ductile Iron Grates


6″ POLYCAST® Drainage Kit w/ADA Ductile Iron Grates


Pre-sloped polymer concrete system.



Hubbell’s POLYCAST® 600 Series is a 6.25″ wide (OD) Polymer Concrete channel that can be ordered as all neutrals or with a built-in .65 percent slope that allows the system to achieve flow rates of 470 GPM.   POLYCAST® 600 Series installation chairs tighten the joints between channels while aligning and leveling the drainage run. Each installation chair is secured to the ground (using your own rebar), ensuring that the channels will not float during the concrete pour.

For heavy trucks or fork truck traffic, we recommend adding the ductile iron frames to your kit.


  • Transverse Slotted ductile iron ADA Compliant grates – (Class C Load Rating)
  • Class E load rating when mounted in ductile iron frame
  • Open Surface Area: 19.8 sq. inches/Lin. Ft.
  • 32 ft. (26%)
  • Color: Black

Each POLYCAST® 600 Kit Includes:

  • 48″ POLYCAST® Pre-sloped channel (1 for each 4′ of kit ordered)
  • 24″ Ductile iron ADA grates (2 per channel)
  • Grate Hold-down devices (1 per grate)
  • Installation Chairs
  • End Outlet (fits 4″ S&D pipe)
  • End Cap
  • Installation instructions

Optional Frame/Edging:

  • POLYGUARD® Galvanized steel channel edging
  • POLYGUARD® Stainless steel channel edging
  • DURAGUARD® HDPE (High Density Polyethylene Composite) frames
  • HARDNOSE 700 SERIES Heavy Duty cast iron frames

If you are needing a longer length,  you can order several kits to the length you need or  

Want to learn more about this system?  Click here for more information.

Layout Info:
Before we can ship your pre-sloped drain order, a layout will need to be approved by you. Once we receive your order, we will contact you via email with a layout drawing showing what channels you will receive and the order they need to be installed. We will need a confirmation email from you that you accept the layout.  If you choose all neutral channels, please note this in the ‘Order Notes’ during checkout.  A layout is not necessary with neutral channels. reserves the right to choose the channel depth of the channels you receive. If you have certain channels or a channel depth in mind, please note this in ‘Order Notes’ at checkout. We will do our best to accommodate you if the channels are in stock.


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Galvanized Edging, Stainless Steel Edging, No Frame, Cast Iron Frame, HDPE Frame


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