POLYLOK 90860-CI Drainage Kit w/Ductile Iron Grate – Black


ADA compliant grates.


The Polylok™ Heavy Duty Trench Drain with ductile iron grates. Load Class C / H-20 traffic rating. Interlocking components  enable quick easy connections in 4ft channels and ADA compliant grates. Channel has molded in cut lines every foot makes for easy sizing for custom installation. The 4ft segment can be joined together or cut down to 12″ increments and has eight (8) anchor positions to allow Rebar to be installed to prevent floating. There are two sections on each segment to allow 2 x 4’s to be installed to aid in leveling and anchoring prior to pouring concrete. There are four drainage ports on each segment to enable 3″ and 4″ SCH 40 or 4″ SDR 35 connections. Each channel is shipped with stainless bolts and hardware to fasten the grates to the channel and to secure the interlocking pieces. No need to visit the hardware store.

Each kit includes:

  • 1 – 4 ft drain channel for each 4 ft of length ordered
  • 2 – 2 ft transverse slotted ductile iron ADA compliant grate for each 4 ft of length ordered
  • 1 – Open end cap
  • 1 – Closed end cap
  • Stainless steel bolts and hardware for assembly and grate fastening
  • Installation instructions



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If you are needing a longer length,  you can order several kits to the length you need or 

Grate Pattern



Kit Length

4 feet, 8 Feet, 12 Feet, 16 Feet, 20 Feet, 24 Feet

Product Type

Drainage Kit

Channel Material


Load Class

Load Class C