MEArin 100 Kit with ULMA 495 / PNH100KCAM-GRIS ADA Heel-Proof Poly Grate – GRAY

Obsolete: M100k-495

No longer available in North America.


Kit includes channel section(s), grate(s), end caps, locking devices, install brackets

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The manufacturer no longer supplies this product to North America. However, we have a similar option available:

5″ MEArin 100 Drainage Kit is a heavy duty fiberglass construction each section is 1 meter long (3.3ft). This Grey ADA Heel-Proof Polypropylene grate (495) is a Load Class A (ULMA Code: PNH100KCAM) rated for pedestrian traffic. Each grate measures 19.69″ (500mm) L x 4.84″ (123mm)W. You will receive 2 grates for each 1 meter of channel ordered.

Installation brackets make for easy leveling and adjustment holding rebar stakes up 5/8″ in diameter. The bracket also locks two sections of channel together making your trench drain run easier to work with during installation. End caps also double as end outlets. Simply drill one out and connect your 3″ solid pipe for drainage.

Uses: Public Areas, Swimming Pools, Recreational Areas, Patios
Channel Material: Fiberglass
Grate Width Opening: 4-13/16″

Our MEArin 100 kits include:

  • 1 – 1 meter drain channel for each meter ordered
  • 2 – Grates for each meter ordered
  • 2 – Grate Locking Devices for each meter ordered
  • 2 – End caps w/outlet knockout
  • 2 – Installation Brackets + 1 more for each additional meter ordered
  • Installation instructions

495 Grate Specifications ULMA 494 polypropylene grate

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Grate Width

5 inch


Patio, Poolside, Residential

Grate Pattern

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Product Type

Drainage Kit

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