3″ Decorative Mini Channel Polyolefin Grates by NDS

$30.86 $24.69

Your choice of 2 designs and 4 colors.



Looking to add some class to the NDS Mini Channel installed around your pool? The NDS Mini Channel line of decorative polyolefin grates (3″ x 36″) are now available with your choice of design and color.

Choose from the soft Wave pattern or the vibrant Botanical in one of four colors: sand, gray, black and green.

Designed for maximum durability and drainage. UV inhibitors prevent fading and cracking from the sun. All of our polyolefin grates are chemically resistant, rustproof, and maintenance-free.

NOTE: These NDS grates are designed for the Mini Channel trench drain system. If you are replacing slotted grates, be aware the decorative grates are a full 3 inches wide and extend over the top of the channel edge.

NDS554 554
NDS554GY 554GY
NDS554GR 554GR
NDS554S 554S
NDS555 555
NDS555GR 555GR
NDS555GY 555GY
NDS555S 555S

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