Determining your Grate Size

How to measure for your drainage grate

Determining what replacement grate you need can be a challenging prospect. There are many different manufacturers of trench drain and catch basin grates and each one makes their grates to fit their own drainage channel or basin. A 3 inch grate from one manufacturer will probably not fit a 3 inch channel from another manufacturer.

NDS Spee-D Channel installed across driveway

Many folks think they have NDS Mini Channel when it could easily be Oldcastle or Carson – or vice-versa.  These grates are not interchangeable.

For a trench system grate replacement quote, we’ll need:

  • Exact width of the trench or channel
  • Shoulder height
  • Channel width
  • Length of the channel run
  • What will be driving over the grates
  • Zip Code of where grates will be shipped

The easiest way is to take several photos of your drain and existing grates and email them to us at Our experienced staff will determine what system you have installed. We can then recommend replacement options like polyolefin slotted or steel grates.  We also carry a wide assortment of decorative cast iron grates to fit your existing channel or catch basin.