Max Mini Trench Drain Kit

  • Patio | Landscape Drainage Kits

    Patio | Landscape Drainage Kits (59)

    Patio/Landscape Decorate your patio or landscape area with a trench drain system kits specially designed for pedestrian applications. We have a wide variety of grating options to compliment your outdoor hardscape - some are only available here at Trench, or channel, drainage works like the rain gutters on your house. They are light-weight and easy to install. Grates are…
  • Poolside | Shower Drains

    Poolside | Shower Drains (4)

    Pool/ Shower Drain For shower stalls, pools surrounds, patios, balconies and storm drainage, our linear drain systems offer limitless possibilities for your projects.
  • Driveway Drainage Kits

    Driveway Drainage Kits (24)

    Driveway Drainage Kits Drain water away from your driveway, patio, or poolside with our installer-friendly kits. These kits are designed for low speed car and light truck traffic. Widest selection of grating options available anywhere!
  • Pre-Sloped Drainage Kits

    Pre-Sloped Drainage Kits (35)

    Pre-Sloped Drainage Kits Needing your drain to have built-in 'fall'? Our Pre-sloped systems are just what you need. These Commercial drainage systems have a variety of grates to handle anything from little toes to large trucks.
  • Catch Basin Kits

    Catch Basin Kits (22)

    Catch Basin Kits Our Catch Basin Kits are a complete residential catch basin system that drains your patio, not your wallet or your style.
  • Low Profile Drains

    Low Profile Drains (35)

    Low Profile Drains Our low profile drain kits have a shallow profile for situations where you don't have the depth for a normal drain.
  • Drainage Parts

    Drainage Parts (153)

    Drainage Parts Need extra parts for your drainage project? How about replacement parts? Yes, we've got'em!
  • Replacement Grates

    Replacement Grates (166)

    Replacement Grates We carry a full line of plastic, bronze, cast iron, aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel replacement grates for your patio, pool, or driveway trench drain. Don't see what you need? Drop us a line.
  • Promotional Materials

    Promotional Materials (4)

    Promotional Materials Show your customers the options available in patio and pool drainage systems. Our promotional kits give your customers that 'hands on' experience.
  • Closeout Specials

    Closeout Specials (4)

    Closeout Specials Save some serious money with our Closeout Specials. These are one time deals on discontinued products.
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