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Pro Series Kits: Quick and Easy Patio Drains

NDS Pro Series 5 light traffic replacement grates

Looking for an affordable drainage kit that’s stronger than your standard patio channel drain?

NDS 764 Pro Series 3 drainage kit
Pro Series 3 Kit

Try the 3 inch Pro Series kit by NDS. With a deeper channel than the Mini Channel system, the 3 inch Pro Series captures more water. Each kit is 1 meter (40″) long with end caps and outlet included. Every channel features an optional bottom knockout for outlet pipe placement.

NDS Pro Series 5

Or, upgrade your patio drain to a 5 inch Pro Series kit. This larger channel drain will catch higher water volume than other patio drains. 90-degree and 45-degree angles extend the run and allow a wider ranger of possibilities for channel design.

One of the perks of choosing Pro Series channel kits is the gripping ribs located every 4 inches along channels. The extra surface area helps hold the drain in the concrete long after installation.

Just need a replacement grate for an existing 5 inch Pro Series drain? also offers 5 in. slotted plastic grates in all six colors: white, gray, black, green, sand and brick red. If you need a decorative upgrade, you can find it here.

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Z884: A Stylish Patio Solution

Channels couple together for easy installation
Zurn Z884 channel w/cast iron grate
Zurn Z884 channel w/cast iron grate now offers the Zurn Z884, a 4.75 inch wide low profile channel drain, with cast iron or stainless steel top covers. It’s your simple, stylish solution to everyday patio drainage problems.

Why pick a Z884 Patio Kit?

  • It’s made from HDPE, so it’s lightweight an non-absorbent.
  • Channels fit together with a tongue-and-groove mechanism. Simple!
  • It’s wide enough to catch all your water and shallow enough for no-hassle installations.
  • You choose between a sleek perforated steel or the sturdy slotted iron cover.
Zurn Z884 channel w/perforated-stainless steel grate
Zurn Z884 channel w/perforated-stainless steel grate

The perforations on the stainless steel cover help prevent leafy debris from entering the channel drain. Meanwhile, the properties of the stainless steel grate prevent rust and corrosion. Weather exposure and pool treatments won’t bring this channel drain down.

Installation is a cinch. Just follow the instructions we send with the kit!

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Introducing our New Driveway Drainage Kit now offers a 5 inch Driveway Drainage Kit!

5 inch Driveway Drainage Kit, plastic driveway drain, 5 inch plastic driveway drain, tan driveway drain
5 inch Driveway Drainage Kit

The cost effective 5 inch channel drain kit is a great choice for homeowners and contractors alike.  With a durable construction, the 5 inch driveway drain kit is ideal for residential yards, pools and light commercial applications.

The interlocking components of our 5 inch driveway trench drain enable quick, easy connections. Each 4-foot-long section comes with a reversible ADA compliant grate, which can either be laid flat or flipped for a domed top surface.

Each 4-foot-long channel can be joined together to build a longer run or cut down in 12 inch increments.  Four drainage ports on each segment enable 3″ and 4″ Sch. 40 or 4″ SDR 35 connections.

5 in plastic driveway drain, plastic driveway drains, plastic channel drains for driveway

Our 5 inch Driveway Drainage kit isn’t just a great design. It’s engineered with a smooth installation in mind.  Each channel segment includes eight (8) anchor positions for easy rebar attachment during installation.  There won’t be any floating when you install this drain.

At we pride ourselves on making driveway trench drains easy.  That means each 5 inch Driveway Drainage Kit ships complete with all the hardware necessary to fasten the grates and secure interlocking pieces.  With optional 90-degree corners and T-sections available on site, there is no need to visit the hardware store if you buy from!

Driveway trench drain install on corner of driveway, plastic driveway drainage channel, gray plastic driveway drain, how to drain a driveway
Driveway trench drain install on corner of driveway