NDS Micro Channel Drainage Kits available in 3 colors
NDS8473 micro channel end plug - grayNDS8463 end outlet for micro channel - grayNDS8601 hold down clip for Micro ChannelNDS230 Spee-D and Mini Channel installation stakesNDS8481 coupler for Micro Channel

Micro Channel Drainage Kit by NDS


Great for poolside drainage


Product Description

micro-channel-drain-pool-installation-250x188The NDS Micro Channel drainage system has a narrow design engineered to catch runoff in pool and spa applications. Considered heel-proof, Micro Channel’s integrated narrow grate openings allow the plastic channel drain to meet ADA requirements.

NDS’s Micro Channel product line contains channel accessories that increase the system’s design flexibility, allowing more complex layouts while maintaining a high water evacuation rate. T-sections, and 90° and 45° channel elbows improve the design range. End, bottom, and side outlet channel sections allow for the most efficient drainage route available.

DrainageKits.com offers Micro Channel kits in 8 foot lengths for easy delivery to your home.

Choose from White, Sand, or Grey.
NDS Micro Channel dimensions

Suitable for:

  • Patios & Walkways
  • Pool & Spa Decks
  • Tennis Courts

Don’t forget to check out Micro Channel Parts to customize your run.

Micro Channel trench drains can be field fabricated for custom lengths.

Each Micro Channel Kit includes:
  • 1 – Micro Channel 8ft drain for each 8ft section ordered
  • 1 – Micro Channel end cap (matched to channel color)
  • 1 – Micro Channel outlet (1.5” Sch. 40) (matched to channel color)
  • Connector – 1 for each section of channel ordered over 8ft
  • 2 – Hold Down Clips for each section of channel ordered
  • 4 – 6″ Channel Installation Stakes for each section of channel ordered
  • Installation instructions

We currently offer Micro Channel kit lengths in 8 foot lengths up to 56ft. long. If you are needing a longer length, you may order another kit or contact us for a quote. We would be happy to provide one. 

Additional Information

Kit Length

8 Feet, 16 Feet, 24 Feet, 32 Feet, 40 Feet, 48 Feet, 56 Feet


Grey, Sand, White