Catch Basin Kit w/Deco Cast Iron Grate – 18″ x 18″ Interlaken


Serious drainage capabilities with decorative class.



Our 18″ NDS Catch Basin Kit is a complete residential and commercial catch basin system.  This kit features the popular Interlaken decorative cast iron grate available raw or with our Baked on Oil Finish.  Choose one or two outlets and from three outlet sizes.

Suitable for:

  • Parking Lot Drainage
  • Driveway Drainage
  • Hardscape Drainage

The catch basin kit stops leaves and silt from clogging your pipes by holding the debris in a reservoir. Let our catch basin drain your leaf litter worries!

The catch basin assembly includes:

  • 1 – 18″ x 18″ catch basin w/choice of 1 or 2 drain openings
  • Choice of outlet size(s) – 3″ & 4″, 6″, or 8″ outlet pipe adapters
  • 1 cast iron decorative grate – Interlaken pattern w/choice of raw or BooF

Each catch basin kit is designed for maximum durability and drainage.

Class C load rated when mounted properly in concrete.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery on all BooF products.
What is Baked On Oil Finish (BooF)?

Raw cast iron will initially turn from silver to an orangish brown as the exterior weathering oxidation begins. A stable oxide exterior patina eventually forms, which results in the dark brown appearance we normally see on old cast iron. But that natural rusting process may take 1-2 years. Our 15 step Baked on Oil Finish process pre-rusts the metal and naturally seals in a beautiful chocolate brown appearance – bypassing the initial rusting episode. So your new cast iron grate looks great today – not 2 years from today.

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