5″ MEArin 100 Driveway Drainage Kit w/Cast Iron Grates – Dynamo


Great for residential and commercial installation.



Our 5 inch Mearin 100 Driveway Drainage Kit is a great drainage solution for many residential and commercial situations. Channel is made from heavy duty fiberglass construction for many years of service. Each channel section is 1 meter long (3.3ft).

Inspired by the Industrial Age, the ADA compliant cast iron Dynamo grate combines decorative appeal with pedestrian requirements. Great addition to your garage or Man Cave!

Dynamo is available in either the raw casting or with our baked on oil finish (BooF). The decorative half meter long cast iron grates are Made in USA. Load Class C rated for low speed car and light truck traffic in your residential driveway. You will receive 2 grates for each 1 meter of channel ordered.

Included installation brackets make for easy leveling and adjustment during installation. Accepts rebar stakes up 5/8″ in diameter. Thumbscrews make for quick height adjustments. When ordering more than one channel, you will receive one more bracket for each channel ordered. The bracket also locks two sections of channel together making your trench drain run easier to work with during installation.

Grate locking devices (2 per channel) prevent the grates from moving when driven over.  End caps also double as end outlets.  Simply drill one out and connect your 3″ solid pipe for drainage.

Uses: Driveways, Parking Lots, Public Areas, Swimming Pools, Recreational Areas
Channel Material: Fiberglass
Clear Width: 4″ interior
Total Width: 5.3″
Grating: Cast iron ADA Compliant grates (Load Class: C)
Grate Width Opening: 4  13/16″

Our Mearin 100 kits include:

  • 1 – 1 meter drain channel for each meter ordered
  • 2 – 1/2 meter grates for each meter ordered
  • 2 – Grate Locking Devices for each meter ordered
  • 2 – End caps w/outlet knockout
  • 2 – Installation Brackets + 1 more for each additional meter ordered
  • Installation instructions

We currently offer kit lengths up to 5 Meters (16.6ft.) long. If you are needing a longer length,  you can order several kits to the length you need or contact us for a quote. We would be happy to provide one.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery on all BooF products.
What is Baked On Oil Finish (BooF)?

Raw cast iron will initially turn from silver to an orange rust as the exterior weathering oxidation begins. A stable oxide exterior patina eventually forms, which results in the dark brown appearance we normally see on old cast iron. But that natural rusting process may take 1-2 years. Our 15 step Baked on Oil Finish process pre-rusts the metal and initially provides a beautiful chocolate brown appearance – bypassing the initial orange rusting episode. Be aware, the grates will eventually develop brown rust (time dependent on location, amount of traffic and weather conditions). This is normal in the aging of cast iron.

If rusting grates are unacceptable in your installation, consider using plastic or stainless steel grates.

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