NDS Spee-D channel replacement decorative grates
NDS252S Spee-D Decorative Botanical Sand GrateNDS252 Spee-D Decorative Botanical Black GrateNDS252GY Spee-D Decorative Botanical Grey GrateNDS252GR Spee-D Decorative Botanical Green GrateNDS253S Spee-D Decorative Wave Sand GrateNDS253 Spee-D Decorative Wave Black GrateNDS253GR Spee-D Decorative Wave Green GrateSpee-D Channel wave grey deco polyolefin grate

4″ Decorative Spee-D Channel Polyolefin Grates by NDS

$45.84 $36.67

NDS Spee-D Channel line of decorative structural polyolefin grating.


Product Description

Looking to add some class to the NDS Spee-D Channel installed around your pool? The NDS Spee-D Channel line of decorative high density polyethylene gratings (4-3/16″ x 24″) is now available in your choice of design and color. Choose from the soft Wave pattern or the vibrant Botanical in one of four colors: sand, gray, black and green. These grates fit the same Spee-D channel sold at the major home improvement box stores.

Both patterns are ADA Compliant and the Wave pattern is also Heelproof.

Designed for maximum durability and drainage. UV inhibitors in the grate prevent fading and cracking from the sun. All NDS grates are chemically resistant, rustproof, and maintenance-free.

All decorative Spee-D Channel grates come in 2 foot lengths.

NOTE: These NDS grates are designed for the Spee-D Channel trench drain system. If you are replacing slotted grates, be aware the decorative grates are a full 4 3/16 inches wide and extend over the top of the channel edge. This could create a tripping hazard if your channel is not set in deep enough.

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Black, Green, Grey, Sand


Botanical, Wave