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Ductile Iron Grates for the Polycast 600/700 Systems is proud to be carrying Polycast 600 and 700 series kits as well as two popular ductile iron grates.

Hubbell makes a number of cast and ductile iron grates for their 6” wide, pre-sloped trench drain systems, Polycast 600 and 700.  The most common ductile iron gratings are the standard slotted grate (641D) and the heel-proof, transverse slotted (675HD).

polycast grates, replacement polycast grates

And, to celebrate the new addition of these products, we are offering the 641D slotted grate and the 675HD transverse slotted grate at an introductory sale price!

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Now Available: 3″ Kits with Bronze & Aluminum Grates

aluminum trench grates, aluminum drainage grate, patio drain kit grates, now stocks 3 inch wide bronze and aluminum grates, sold individually and in patio drainage kits!

Aluminum deco Rain Drop grates 3inch for NDS Mini Channel
Aluminum deco Rain Drop grates 3inch for NDS Mini Channel

Bronze and aluminum grates by Trench Drain Systems fit perfectly into the 3 inch Mini Channel plastic trench drain. This new decorative grate enhances patios, decks and pools.

With ornamental metal grates available in slotted and decorative patterns, you can drain your patio in style. A step above our decorative plastic offering, aluminum grates are lightweight yet enduring. Sturdier bronze grates give your project a new air of sophistication.

Learn about Mini Channel Kits

We started offering complete Mini Channel kits because the system is so customizable and easy to work with. Why wouldn’t homeowners and landscapers love it?

Mini Channel Kit w/Bronze grates - slotted - natural finish
Mini Channel Kit w/Bronze grates – slotted – natural finish

Mini Channel kits feature straight walls with a hollow, honeycomb architecture. Channels join to one another via couplers, which ensures a smooth connection that promotes drainage without catching debris.

Over time we expanded grating options that fit the 3 inch channel drain. Now you can purchase a landscaping drain kit with decorative plastic, cast iron, aluminum or bronze grates. For bigger projects, give our partners, Trench Drain Systems, a call (610-638-1221).

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Pro Series Kits: Quick and Easy Patio Drains

NDS Pro Series 5 light traffic replacement grates

Looking for an affordable drainage kit that’s stronger than your standard patio channel drain?

NDS 764 Pro Series 3 drainage kit
Pro Series 3 Kit

Try the 3 inch Pro Series kit by NDS. With a deeper channel than the Mini Channel system, the 3 inch Pro Series captures more water. Each kit is 1 meter (40″) long with end caps and outlet included. Every channel features an optional bottom knockout for outlet pipe placement.

NDS Pro Series 5

Or, upgrade your patio drain to a 5 inch Pro Series kit. This larger channel drain will catch higher water volume than other patio drains. 90-degree and 45-degree angles extend the run and allow a wider ranger of possibilities for channel design.

One of the perks of choosing Pro Series channel kits is the gripping ribs located every 4 inches along channels. The extra surface area helps hold the drain in the concrete long after installation.

Just need a replacement grate for an existing 5 inch Pro Series drain? also offers 5 in. slotted plastic grates in all six colors: white, gray, black, green, sand and brick red. If you need a decorative upgrade, you can find it here.

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Z884: A Stylish Patio Solution

Channels couple together for easy installation
Zurn Z884 channel w/cast iron grate
Zurn Z884 channel w/cast iron grate now offers the Zurn Z884, a 4.75 inch wide low profile channel drain, with cast iron or stainless steel top covers. It’s your simple, stylish solution to everyday patio drainage problems.

Why pick a Z884 Patio Kit?

  • It’s made from HDPE, so it’s lightweight an non-absorbent.
  • Channels fit together with a tongue-and-groove mechanism. Simple!
  • It’s wide enough to catch all your water and shallow enough for no-hassle installations.
  • You choose between a sleek perforated steel or the sturdy slotted iron cover.
Zurn Z884 channel w/perforated-stainless steel grate
Zurn Z884 channel w/perforated-stainless steel grate

The perforations on the stainless steel cover help prevent leafy debris from entering the channel drain. Meanwhile, the properties of the stainless steel grate prevent rust and corrosion. Weather exposure and pool treatments won’t bring this channel drain down.

Installation is a cinch. Just follow the instructions we send with the kit!

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Try Our New Landscaping Pipe Grates!

NDS 970 9inch black square grate is excited to offer a growing selection of NDS landscaping pipe grates for lawns and gardens … just in time for Spring!

Eliminate standing water with 8” or 9” square grates that connect directly to PVC piping. Or, keep your pipe grates protected from rogue lawnmowers by installing an NDS atrium grate on top of your piping.

NDS 420 Pop-Up Drainage Emitter
NDS 420 Pop-Up Drainage Emitter

Pipe grates help turn harmful lawn runoff into a water source. Use standing water to hydrate the yard where it needs it most by connecting to a Pop-Up Emitter. Pop-Up Emitters open with hydrostatic pressure and close once the flow lessens, preventing grass clippings and leafy debris from entering the drainage pipes. It’s a low-key drainage solution your lawn will thank you for.